Pacific Coast University School of Law

A law school for working adults. We offer a quality legal education that meets the real life needs of our students, including limited class sizes and evening courses.

Since 1927

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If you are looking for a quality law school in Los Angeles, Pacific Coast University, School of Law should be your first and only choice. Our law school, located in Long Beach, CA, has educated hundreds of students throughout the Orange County and Los Angeles area since 1927 – even before the California State Bar existed.


We pride ourselves on the quality education we provide, as well as our small class size, which is what sets us apart from other law schools across the United States. Our philosophy is that smaller class sizes, limited to no more than 50 students, offers a more intimate setting and allows for one-on-one interactions between professors and students.


During your time at Pacific Coast University School of Law, you will work to obtain a Juris Doctor Degree and prepare yourself for the challenging General Bar Examination of California. We offer classes in business, law and divinity, following two different scheduling options that prepare you for stepping out into the law community. Alumni of Pacific Coast University School Of Law are practicing lawyers, working in public service and are leaders in the legal community, most of which remain in the Long Beach area.


Another advantage to Pacific Coast University School of Law is the characteristics of our student population. We provide education to the working adults in the area who depend on night law school. We are proud to say that our students are dedicated to obtaining a quality legal education, which they receive at an affordable price.


When choosing a law school for yourself, you know the importance of a dedicated staff, which is exactly what we offer. Our faculty consists of highly educated, skilled individuals who are currently practicing law or serving as judges in the community. They know how valuable a legal education is and strive to provide our students with the knowledge that has helped them achieve their career goals. This is what makes Pacific Coast University School of Law a great choice in long beach, and one you will be proud to call your Alma Mater.


If you would like to find out more about what we can do for you, please feel free to browse through our website or give us a call today.

Pacific Coast University, School of Law in Long Beach, CA