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A law school for working adults. We offer a quality legal education that meets the real life needs of our students, including limited class sizes and evening courses.

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Juris Doctorate (JD) Degree Admissions Criteria:

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Before beginning the study of law, a Juris Doctor Degree Regular Student must meet the following criteria:

Enrollment Timeline:

Applications for Track I and II are accepted beginning in March of the year. Following submission of a complete Application Packet, Applicants will be interviewed by the Admissions Commitee, which will decide to invite or decline the applicant's request for admission. The registration period for Track I closes on August 15th. And for Track II on October 15th.  Late registrations will be accepted up to two weeks before the commencement of classes. Students who submit their registration within two week of the commencement of school will be subject to a late registration fee. Students are encouraged to submit their registration materials early. 

(1) English Composition with or without essay.

(2) Two examinations from the following four subjects:


    College Mathematics

    Natural Sciences

    Social Sciences and History

(A) Have an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science Degree or higher from a qualified

institution, or


(B) Completed at least two years of college work or demonstrated equivalent intellectual



(1) “Two years of college work means a minimum of sixty semester or ninety quarter units of college credit in academic courses that are non-vocational, and non-occupational.”


(2) A 2.0 grade point average or higher on all subjects undertaken and substantive content

was at least equal to that required for graduation from the institution attended.

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We are located at 1650 Ximeno Ave. Ste. 300,

Long Beach, California, 90804 or Contact us

at 562-961-8200.


Applicants whose pre-law studies do not satisfy the requirements above are classified as Juris Doctor Degree Special Students and may be admitted only in exceptional cases. The requirements to qualify as a Special Student are as follows:


(A) Complete three (3) CLEP general examinations with a score of 50 or better to qualify for the pre-legal education with the State Bar of California.

Registration process occurs in July for the program. All registrations must be completed two weeks prior to the commencement of classes. Students are encouraged to submit their registration materials early. Students who submit materials after September 1st will be subject to a late registration fee.


To apply, an applicant must complete the following steps:

1. Complete the application form located in the center of this bulletin or on the website:



2. Include a brief 2-3 typewritten pages, double spaced personal statement which explains reasons for wanting to study law, choice of PCU, and any further information relevant for

consideration by the PCU admissions committee.

3. Submit the $100.00 application fee by personal check or money order directly to Pacific Coast University, School of Law.


4. Include supplementary materials such as certificates, test scores, professional commendations, published writings.


5. Two letters of recommendation submitted directly to PCU. Typically, professors, academic administrators and advisors or employers are best able to provide recommendations concerning an applicant’s analytical skills and communication and writing abilities.


6. College Level Examination Program (CLEP) results required for Special Students.

(See requirements below)

The website is


7. PCU participates in the Law School Admission Committee’s (LSAC) Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS). The PCU code is 4362. Official transcripts of all college work must be sent directly to LSDAS/LSAC.


8. Completion of the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The LSAT examination is not required for applicants who have earned a Masters or Doctorate Degree.



After Applying:

Applicants will be advised on the status of their application and on documents that are still outstanding.


Admission to PCU is based on college grades, relevant work/community experience and evidence

of maturity and ability to complete a rigorous law study program. Applicants are admitted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Applicants invited to enroll and continuing students will receive Registration Packets from the Registrar's office in Julyfor Track I and August for Track II. Applicants will be advised in \writing whether they have been accepted to PCU. A successful applicant will then indicate his/her intention to register as a student at PCU by submitting a commitment form to the school.